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Stem Cell & PRP therapy

At New York Center for Stem Cell & PRP Therapy, our experienced physicians specialize in delivering the best care in the field of regenerative medicine, using stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapies to address a wide range of symptoms and health concerns, including sports injuries, pain management, hair loss and sexual health. We are dedicated to providing personalized, one-on-one care aimed at helping our patients live stronger, healthier lives.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP therapy, is a revolutionary treatment option that can help heal a wide range of health problems, including hair loss, sexual dysfunction, arthritis pain, and numerous sports injuries. The therapy involves injecting the injured area with a platelet solution, derived from your own blood. These platelets act as natural healing tools for the damaged tissues, speeding up your recovery and restoring your health.

About PRP Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy uses special cells that can be found in the patient's own body to stimulate cell regeneration and healing for a multitude of health conditions and injuries. The treatment can be done in a short visit to our office, during which the stem cells are injected into the diseased or damaged area. Whether you are suffering from arthritis pain or a shoulder injury, stem cells can help create new, healthy cells to replace the damaged tissue.

About Stem Cell Therapy


Sports Injuries

We offer a number of innovative and non-surgical treatment options for knee arthritis, shoulder dislocation, and tennis elbow, among many other common injuries among athletes.

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Pain Management

Injection therapies for chronic pain management may significantly improve your day-to-day quality of life without the need for major surgery or daily medications.

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Hair Loss Restoration

Patients suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, or bald spotting may benefit from therapeutic hair restoration injections, which can non-surgically restore your hair for a fuller look.

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Sexual Wellness

Sexual enhancement PRP treatment is available for patients suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, or female urinary incontinence.

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At New York Center for Stem Cell & PRP Therapy, we provide personalized regenerative medicine treatments designed to target your symptoms for effective relief. Get started today by requesting an appointment with one of our specialists.

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